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What license is this under? I'd like to use it in Minetest.


Should've been called Nykraft, wasted potential right here, lol.

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I love this resource pack, it looks amazing.

But, it would seem that horses are missing significant amounts of their bodies.

Yeah, there are a few bugs hahaha


I was concerned about it messing with me, so I switched back to the original skins… and it was unbearable.

Now, I play with weird horses. :)

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Thank you so much for making this pack!

The icons are fantastic, and I really like most of the textures, with two exceptions:

  • Spruce logs look a bit too mushy for my taste.
  • Personally I'd prefer it if polished andersite didn't have that green tint. I often mix it with stone bricks, and now it really stands out.

Some screenshots:

Are you planning to finish the pack at some point in the future, maybe after NYKRA?



Yeah the Spruce needs a fixup. I might change the Andesite, too.

I’ll work on the textures when I have time, yup!